Automate your testing needs

and manage both automated and manual test cycles


We make Testing fun again and Fast!


Release and deployment management through out all environments improves your release visibility and maintain a single source of truth of all releases at all times. Linked releases and environments to test cases with related test requirements provide insight information about how effective the test coverage is across different applications and releases.


Integrated requirement management enables jump-start testing efforts early in project lifecycles. High quality test cycles are enforced through rigorous end-to-end traceability throughout test projects. This ensures all requirements are met.


Test script management enables the QA team to create and modify existing automated and manual scripts in the user friendly FASTEST ATMF Client.These scripts are automatically uploaded into the FASTEST ATMF Server. Data driven test automation dictates test script and test scenario logic by variable data values stored in easy accessible and maintainable Excel files.



Issue management is an easy to manage analyzing and tracking module that tracks automatically and manual generated defects. Integrated linking with test cases delivers clear requirements test coverage reports.


Automate your testing needs and manage both automated and manual test cycles

FASTEST Dasboard

The FASTEST dashboard gives you a single point from which to coordinate and control both automated and manual test cycles.

With the ability to coordinate both manual and automated tests you get the test data you need to make release decisions with ease.

FASTEST enables you to create and execute (automated) test scripts with minimal effort. Coordinate, manage and control all testing from a single dashboard Automate your entire testing needs and achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Fastest Dashboard